Monday, April 18, 2011

Ten Minute Fix: Weight Loss

Weight loss isn’t a glamorous activity. It involves planning, discipline, and a little bit of misery (courtesy of our good friends Diet and Exercise). So, why not add a touch of glamour, ceremony, and fanfare to an otherwise mundane and miserable task?

Have you seen The Biggest Loser? It’s a two hour show, and it seems like half of it is the contestants weighing in. They step on this giant scale and it flashes random numbers, building suspense, while dramatic music plays, until it finally reveals their weight loss for the week along with everyone’s reactions to that weight loss. Never before has losing five pounds been so exciting!

In just ten minutes you can take the first step towards a new physique, a healthier lifestyle, and increased energy. Here are some suggestions…

1. Weigh in. Get your starting weight so you can track your progress in the coming weeks.

2. Measure your waist so you can have an objective measure of not just how much weight you’re losing, but also how skinny you’re getting!

3. Set Goals. How many pounds/inches/dress sizes do you want to lose? When will your final weigh in be? Grab that pair of jeans you want to fit and hang them up on the wall as a reminder.

4. Decide how you want to track your progress. Here are some ideas.
  • Try making a paper chain of all the pounds you want to lose and pull them off as you go.
  • Put $5 in a jar for every lost pound and then use the money for new clothes that actually fit your hot new bod.
  • Get a big bucket and add a pound of lard for every pound of fat you lose (maybe that one’s too gross).
5. Plan the weekly weigh in ceremony. When will it be? Who will be in attendance? What music will you play? What will you wear?

There are a million exercise programs and diets out there. The funny thing is that they all work, as long as you stick to them. This ten minute fix will help out with the “sticking to it” part.

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