Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Life

Interview with Cecilia: Week 1

Here's the first My Life interview with Cecilia! I hope you enjoy getting to know her and following along in her journey to a balanced life. As a side note, I failed to record this interview properly the first time, so Cecilia was gracious enough to take time out her busy busy busy busy day to do the interview again. Thanks Cecilia!

Coach Vaughn: If you could give any advice to past Cecilia, what would it be?

Cecilia: I think my advice would be to make decisions more prayerfully. To put more time, thought, and even prayer into the decisions I was making. I think lots of times I didn't think about lots of my choices. I just kind of...did them. For a while I thought about each individual thing I was doing, and I had a plan. Then for some reason, I guess life got too stressful. I kind of lost sight of my plan. You're always happier when you have a plan.

Coach Vaughn: Is there a specific example you'd be willing to share?

Cecilia: A specific decision I often think about was the choice I made not to go to graduate school. I always planned on taking the LSAT and attending law school after college or pursing some sort of higher education. Once Nathan and I were married and we find ourselves with a substantial amount of bills (and a new baby), I realized I had to change previous plans. So, Nathan and I have adapted to our situation, and I find myself increasingly unhappy with my job. Our decisions then were based on our needs at the time, but we still did not put much thought into our actions. We found the solution we logically assumed would work best. I had the degree, I was offered the job, I would work. Ultimatey, I would prefer to do something I enjoyed, rather than performing a job that pays the bills. I am hopeful this will someday be the case!

Coach Vaughn: What advice do you think future Cecilia would want to give YOU?

Cecilia:  I think Future Cecilia would tell me to slow down and to appreciate the time I have with my husband and baby. Even now, I see myself missing some of the cute things Eliza does, like saying a new word or learning a new gesture due to my stress levels. I often feel too tired after work to go outside and play with her or do other fun (and energetic) things. I know Future Cecilia would tell me to find the energy and play with my daughter, no matter how tired I may feel.

Coach Vaughn: What is your number one priority?

Cecilia: As a parent now, Eliza is my number one priority.

Coach Vaughn: Why?

Cecilia: She is the source of our greatest joy and the motivator for most of our actions. The crazy schedules Nathan and I have had for the past year have revolved around Eliza and her happiness. We both had full time jobs for 8 months and worked opposite shifts. Although it was hard never seeing one another, we knew it was the best thing for Eliza. Nathan eventually quit his job in December so we could spend more time together as a family. I feel peace when I think about all the sacrifices I am making now and how they are ultimately for Eliza. Hopefully, by the time Nathan begins chiropractic school this fall, we will be completely debt free. This means Eliza won't need to go to daycare when we move to Portland and that I can stay at home with her full time. I can't wait!

Coach Vaughn: What would you most like to change about your life right now?

Cecilia: If I could change one thing about my life right now, I would find a way to eliminate some of the causes of my stress. Ideally, I would quit my job. Unfortunately, that can't happen for now. However, I can work on changing my attitude. Job or no job.

Coach Vaughn: I gave you an assignment to work on this week, but what assignment would you like to give yourself?

Cecilia: I guess the assignment I would like to give myself is to not bring my computer home and work from home leave work at work and have home be home. I think I can do that.

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  1. As a licensed professional counselor, I would like to let Cecelia know that her stresses are not uncommon. I hear this way too much. Our economy seems to require a 2 income household. Family is important, but so is a good work ethic, and we all need money to survive. It can be tough to find balance. It seems that she is looking forward to the scales tipping a little bit more toward family and away from work. At least she knows what she wants. That's the only way to get there. It doesn't happen over night though. I am cheering her on for her journey! - Jennifer