Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ten Minute Fix: Jump Start

Who here has had a dead car battery? I know I have. The feeling of turning the key and having nothing happen is terrifying, but when you figure out it's just the battery because you forgot to turn your headlights off, some of the stress goes away. It's replaced with embarrassment, but that's another story. All you need is a jump start and you can drive off into the sunset.

Thanks to the alternator --the thingy in your car that charges the battery-- all you need is a little juice to get everything started.

That's the principle behind this Ten Minute Fix. Let's say you have some goals you know you need to work on, but the couch and remote control seem so much more appealing. What do you do? Spend your entire evening watching Seinfeld? No! It hurts to say this, but everything -- including  Seinfeld -- is best in moderation.

Try This
Dedicate ten minutes to working on one of your goals. It doesn't have to be completed in ten minutes; just worked on. Then after ten minutes you are free to go back to Seinfeld.

What you'll find; however, is that after ten minutes you suddenly feel like being productive all night. All you needed was a jump start and now your internal alternator has kicked in and is providing all the energy you need to continue.

P.S.  I could have also used static vs kinetic friction as my example, but my goal isn't to cause flashbacks to high school physics.

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