Saturday, June 18, 2011

Big Announcement!

It pleases me to announce that I am now certified by the Life Coach Institute! I had a certification interview after completing the course work, and it was really great. I had a mini coaching session with Dr. Helmstetter, but with me as the client. He offered some words of encouragement and advice as I continue to build my career as a coach.

I want to thank everyone who has encouraged and supported me throughout this process. Thanks to my wife for not thinking I'm crazy (or at least not  telling me she thinks I'm crazy). Thanks to those early clients who volunteered their time to help me learn and practice the art of training others to succeed. Thanks to everyone who reads this blog! Thanks to Seinfeld for providing me with entertainment.

So what does the future hold for Vaughn Life Coaching?

  1. My pre-certification rates will remain through the end of the year, so take advantage!
  2. A website redesign is currently in progress at
  3. I'm now offering three specially designed packages for personal development. Check them out.
  4. I'm still  toying with the idea of offering online seminars and courses.

The most satisfying thing about coaching is seeing my clients do those things that everyone else puts off or never gets around to. They actually make the changes they want to make!

If you or someone you know is fed up with having to set the same goals over and over again, or wants to learn to live a more fulfilling life, contact me for a FREE INTRODUCTORY SESSION!

Kyle Vaughn
LCI Certified Life Coach
(801) 686-8226

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