Monday, May 9, 2011

Ten Minute Fix: Memo Board

Hey! My wife made a neat dry erase memo board that's really quick and easy to make. I decided to take ten minutes and make my own. I took some pictures to document it. For this project you need some paper, a picture frame, dry erase markers, maybe some scissors, and ten minutes. 

First I printed off a background for my memo board. I decided to make a task list so I can check things off throughout the day.

Then, I cut off some of the edges so it would be ready for the next step.

With my page the right size, I put it into this cheap dollar store frame.

Now it's ready for my tasks. I wrote down the most important ones with a dry erase marker.

When I'm done, it wipes right off with a paper towel or cloth of some kind.

If you like pretty things, you can get more creative too. This is the first one that my wife made. (Also pictured is my pathetic attempt at bubble letters)

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