Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ten Minute Blog

Hey! Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. I’ve been distracted by other things lately and I started feeling like writing a blog would be some daunting task that I’d never have time or energy to do. To break my non-blogging streak I decided I could dedicate ten minutes of my day to just get it done and get back in the swing of things. (Look at me taking my own advice  )

So, what’s been on my mind lately? Well, I have a great ten minute fix that I want to do, but I need to take some pictures first. I’ll have plenty of time next week, so I hope to get that done and do some hardcore daily blogging.

Yesterday it happened to me again. I was stressed out. I couldn’t focus and every little think that came up seemed insurmountable. The cause of my stress was having a lot to do, but no plan to do it. The best solution I’ve found for this type of stress is to sit down and get everything in my head down on paper. Then, if I make a plan of action for each item on the list I’ll feel much better. All those loose ends that have been flapping around in my head are now tied down and I can be a productive human being again.

I’m really grateful for all of you who read the VLC blog. I love to check my stats and see that new people are being introduced to it and reading several posts. It’s not a “look at how awesome and popular I am” feeling. Partly because if there was an Americans Against Social Networking page on Facebook it would have more fans than I do, but also because I want to be of some help or entertainment to the internet community. Your loyalty keeps me blogging when I otherwise wouldn’t. Keep up the good work. Leave a comment, submit a question, “Follow” the VLC blog, become a fan on Facebook, and tell your friends!

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