Monday, November 28, 2011

Daily Motto

The best way to get the most out of any given day is to have some motto or theme directing that day's activities.   A motto is more than a goal, it's a summary of the motivation behind your goals, so it affects every aspect of your day and not just one particular goal.

Today I could make my motto, "Work Hard. Play Hard". Any time I'm doing something considered to be work, I'd put all my focus and energy into it. I'd be more efficient and more productive. When not working, it's time for play. The same focus and energy I put into my work would be put into having a good time. I'd play a new game, do some new activity with my family, or revisit our favorite things to do. I'd concentrate on having fun and enjoying every second of it.

My family motto is factis definiri "defined by deeds". If I chose this to be my focus for the day, I would constantly be on the lookout for people to serve. While working I'd look for some way to go above and beyond the call of duty to help someone out, and the rest of the day I would serve my family and community any way I could.

There are a ton of mottos out there. Here's a list of some used by companies and organizations. You can try to adapt some of these, look for others, or make up your own. Whatever motto you choose, remember it throughout the day. Email yourself about it, put it on your calendar, or wear a piece of string on your finger to remind you and redirect your focus.

Make this Monday live up to your expectations. Create a motto and allow it to guide your actions today.

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