Monday, August 15, 2011


This little question is my go to resource for finding motivation, so it's appropriate that "Why?" is the topic of the VLC blog's... very first...(drum roll please)... Motivation Monday! For many of us, today is the start of the work week and some extra motivation wouldn't hurt. Our goal is to get you excited about the coming week. It's a blank canvas, and you can fill it with whatever you like! 

This is also the beginning of a new lineup we'll be trying out. Here's a preview:

I'll go into more detail throughout the week, so stay tuned!

Okay, back to the matter at hand. Why is "why?" such a great motivational tool? Well, allow me to put forth a hypothetical situation. Let's say you have a goal to go to the gym and work out for one hour five days a week. Let's also say that you plan on going before work, but you wake up at 5 am and suddenly working out doesn't seem like such a good idea. You see, the thing that gets you out of bed and drags your not-so-better half to the gym isn't your burning desire to exercise, it's the answer to this question.

"WHY do you want to go to the gym for an hour five days a week?"

Everyone will have their own answer. It could be to feel more comfortable and confident during swimsuit season, to not be out of breath after climbing the stairs to the conference room, to feel healthier, to live longer, to meet babes, etc...

When setting goals, always remember the reason behind them, because that's where you'll find your motivation. While you're driving to the gym, envision yourself reaching your goal and getting what you want, and put that hour of sweat and pain into perspective.

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  1. Love the new weekly schedule! My life has been lacking structure ever since this season of SYTYCD wrapped up so this is a godsend.