Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Suggested Use of the VLC Blog

We have this new lineup on the Vaughn Life Coaching Blog, so I thought I'd share my thoughts on how one might get the most out of it. My vision for this blog is that it will become a form of life coaching for former clients, future clients, or anyone who wants some guidance/entertainment, but doesn't want to jump right in to one on one coaching. Here are some guidelines for each day of the week that will help make this vision possible.

Motivation Monday - This day is for getting pumped up and excited for the week. You can read the thought, story, or tidbit I've posted and think about your goals for the coming week and how you might build and maintain your enthusiasm. Alternately, you can watch an episode from the first season of Seinfeld.

Q&A Tuesday - This is the day I answer your questions! Feel free to read and learn from other people's questions and experiences, or you can submit your own question. This prevents me from only focusing on the same topics over and over again, allowing me to focus more on your needs. No matter what question I answer that week, try to find something that applies to your goals. Alternately, you can watch an episode from the second season of Seinfeld.

Wild Card Wednesday - Wednesday is for things that may not fit in the other days. Things like videos, art, stories, poetry, reviews, special announcements, or rants. Evaluate the progress you've made on your goals and see if the wild card post gives you any ideas on improving your goals or setting new ones. Alternately, you can watch an episode from the third season of Seinfeld.

Sticky Note Thursday - You've worked hard, so take a break today and enjoy whatever nonsense I've written or drawn on a sticky note. I cannot guarantee it will be funny, but laughing is good for you, so you should do it regardless. Alternately, (and perhaps preferably) you can watch an episode from the fourth season of Seinfeld.

Fix it Friday - The new home of the Ten Minute Fix. Doing good things doesn't have to take as long as we think. That's why we post ideas of activities and projects that only take ten minutes. You can always spend more time if you have it, but spending just ten minutes will be enough to make a significant difference. So, read the ten minute fix and give it a try today, this weekend, or next week. If you feel the ten minute fix doesn't apply to you, check out the archives or redo one you particularly enjoyed in the past. Alternately, you can watch an episode from the fifth season of Seinfeld.

The Weekend - No new posts, so you can check out the archives, evaluate your progress, work on your goals, and plan for the coming week. Oh, and you should have some fun! It's the WEEKEND for crying out loud!

With your help I would also love for this to become a community where people can share ideas and grow together. It all starts with participation. Leave comments, "like" Vaughn Life Coaching on Facebook, submit your questions, and email your stories and experiences to

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