Friday, September 30, 2011

Your Coaching Journal

Ten Minute Fix: Start your very own coaching journal.

Everything becomes so much more real when it's in writing. Thinking, "I should learn to play the bagpipes" is great and all, but what are the chances of me actually doing anything about it? If I write it down in a permanent place, and review that place often enough, and remind myself frequently enough that playing the bagpipes is THE thing I need to accomplish in life, you may see me performing on stage with Lady Gaga some day. I'll be the one wearing a kilt and playing the bagpipes. She'll be the one wearing the bagpipes and playing a kilt.

Please take a moment to get that image out of your head... Better? Okay, let's continue. It's important that you choose an appropriate medium for your journal. Sticky notes, note cards, and napkins won't work, unless you have a great way to keep them all in one place and organized. Dry erase boards and chalkboards are no good since they aren't permanent enough. Tattoos are very permanent, but you'll need more surface area than the typical human has available. I think a regular old notebook is probably the way to go. You could also keep a folder on your computer or start a blog if you don't mind sharing your journey with others.

A good coaching journal should be...

Easily Accessible - If it's hard to get to or out of sight, you'll never use it
Permanent - You should be able to track this down 20 years from now
Expandable - For a notebook you can simply start in a new one and store them together

A coaching journal is a place to record your goals along with what you are learning while participating in coaching. It's also a place to do written activities and brainstorm. What if you aren't currently participating in coaching? Well, you're reading this blog aren't you?! I'm going to be providing weekly writing prompts or activities that you may use as inspiration for entries into your coaching journal.

Writing in your journal will make your goals and desires official. It takes them from nice thoughts, to plans of action. Reviewing your journal shows you how far you've come and reminds you of goals you may want to revisit.

Next week I'll post the first writing prompt, so get your journal ready!

  1. Choose the type of journal you want (notebook, blog, folder, etc...)
  2. Write your name, start date, and the purpose you believe this journal should serve
  3. Find a place to keep your journal. Someplace where you'll see it and remember it often.


  1. I have started an online blog to track my journey.
    It is hard to share some of what I feel/think, but it also provides some accountability for me.

    I love your blog.

  2. Thanks for sharing a link to your blog! It's a great example of how to share your journey with others.